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Oxman Goodstadt Kuritz, PC is proud to have won top verdicts for it's clients, but often times the ideal result for the client is to reach a settlement that provides the necessary compensation for the injury that was suffered, without the stress and uncertainty that comes with a trial. For this reason, the attorneys at OGK are equally proud when they can negotiate a beneficial settlement on behalf of their clients. Because a typical condition of these settlement agreements is confidentiality, we unfortunately cannot share our numerous top settlements with you.

Below is a sampling of significant verdicts OGK has won in cases where a settlement agreement could not be reached.


The Legal Intelligencer (03/23/2001)

Jury Awards $1.5 Million for Stress Disorder

Date: March 23, 2001

A Philadelphia jury yesterday awarded $1.5 million to a Pep Boys customer who claimed that an injury at the car servicing center precipitated post-traumatic stress disorder in that it reminded her of a similar injury from her childhood.[...]“The most important thing was to convey to the jury that this emotional condition is as real as a physical condition and, in many respects, it may be more limiting and damaging in [one‘s] day-to-day activities as a physical injury may be," Oxman said.

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